Paper Signals

A DIY kit that lets you build a little paper display to track things like weather, currency, and rocket launches. They don’t have a screen or buttons, so you control them talking to them. Anyone can build one from home with off-the-shelf parts, a printer, and a Sunday afternoon.

Our six pre-designed templates are: an umbrella that tracks rain, an arrow that tracks the value of a currency, a timer that counts down to whatever you tell it to countdown to, a rocket that shows you when a rocket is launching, a person that signals when it’s time to take a break, and pants that tell you whether it’s warm enough to wear shorts. You can build one of these six example signals, or get the open-sourced code to create their own.

Role: Project Initiator, Design, Creative Direction
Year: 2020
Collaborators: Glenn Cochon, Matthew Carey, Smooth Technology, Kelly Ann Lum

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