Hello Morse

Tania Finlayson, a developer who was born with cerebral palsy, had her world open up when first used morse code to speak. Since then she’s been trying to bring the opportunity to more people. We partnered with her to build Morse code into Gboard (Google’s keyboard on Android and iOS)  so more people can try it for accessible communication. The simple two-button keyboard allows people to input dots and dashes to type the alphabet and select helpful text predictions. We also built a game, based on pictographs we designed, to make learning Morse code faster and more fun. Through our partnership we built an easy and immediate way to see if morse code can have the same impact on others as it did on Tania.

Role: Interaction Design, Game Design, Creative Direction
Year: 2018
Created at Google Creative Lab
Collaborators: Amit Pitaru, Kelsie Van Deman, Nicole Bleuel and many more